Emergency Planning System

The Emergency Planning System will enable you to build and maintain complete and accurate emergency procedures for all type of emergencies including, but not limited to fire, injury and bomb threat or explosion.

Emergency Plans can be easily developed for factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals, mines, airports, harbors, government buildings, courts and national roads & freeways.

This Emergency Planning System will help you to learn the basics in the art of building an Emergency Plan, which includes the Pre-Planning Stage right through to the Creation of the Plan. By using the tools that are available in the Vital Link Emergency Planning System, you will be able to create your plans quickly and effectively.

Your Plans can be printed in Booklet form and/or Exported to a computer network server for viewing and printing by an unlimited number of users on your network or Intranet.

Graphical drawings reflecting Fire extinguishers, hose reels, evacuation routes etc., can easily be included in your plans



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