Chemical Location Reporting (BIGEYE) Chemical Location Reporting (BIGEYE)
Chemical Location Reporting (BIGEYE)


The BIGEYE Location Reporting System will interface with your private
Database created with our hazchem pro system, generated with the MSD Maker and will enable you to build and maintain
complete and accurate location records of all dangerous substances kept on your
premises. An unlimited number of areas, which we refer to as zones, can be defined
within your complex and substances from your private CHEM.MDB Database can be
flagged and automatically inserted into these individual Zone Databases. An Authorized
User Database, Authorized Uses Database, Classification Database and a Product
Classification Database can also be maintained within the system.
The system will allow you to search and select one or more products with optional
reporting which includes:
- Product(s) Index
- Product / Location
- Authorised User / Product
- Authorised Use
- Product / Class (user’s own assigned classification)
- Other optional reports